Feel free to contact me with any other questions or if you just want to say hello.

{ What should I expect in a trial? }
A hair and makeup trial is up to 2 hours at Elevin Studios – 15 Channel Center Street in South Boston.  It is a time for us to discuss and create your ideal style to ensure the perfect look for your wedding day.  Communicating with me is key to understanding your ideal style along with providing inspirational hair and makeup images. I will walk you through the process and want you to feel comfortable expressing your thoughts as adjustments can easily be made. Pinterest or my portfolio is a great place for inspiration. It’ll be fun!

{ I don’t know what hair and makeup style would look good on me, can you provide suggestions? }
Of course I can and would be happy to do so. However, two things:
1) If you come to the trial and not have any idea what style you want, it’s going to take more than 2 hours.  The best thing to do is take a peak on Pinterest, ask family/friends for advice or call/email me so we can discuss before your trial.
2) Deciding on a style will really come down to your personal preference, style and comfort level

{ Can I schedule my trial without reserving my wedding date? }
Absolutely. In the event another bride is interested in the same date, your trial will be canceled. Pretty please do not put me in a situation to keep you informed if another bride wants to book the same date. 

{ How can I reserve my wedding date? }
A non-refundable 50% retainer and contract is required to reserve your date.

{ What is the wedding day timeline? }
A bride receives up to 1.5 – 2 hours.  Everyone else is usually up to 45 mins for makeup and up to 30-45 mins for hair (length and thickness can add to the time). 

{ Do you do both hair and makeup? }
Yes and I love doing both equally, seriously. 

{ Do you travel on site for the wedding day? Is there a travel fee? }
Yes and the travel fee varies depending on your getting ready location. By car ride outside of MA: waking up at the crack of dawn is not such a good idea, travel and stay the night prior would be super. By plane ride outside of MA: similar idea but let’s chat.

{ Do you stay for touch ups after the ceremony? }
Not really, with my makeup application technique, it’s going to stay on until you are ready to take it off.  But if you insist, I’m happy to chat. 

{ Do you have a team of artists? }
Yes, they are all talented freelance professional artist/stylist friends who I trust and am lucky to have to help work with me on large bridal parties.  If I am already booked, you can also work with them as well.

{ If I decide to book with one of your freelance artist/stylist, do you have any images of their work? }
Check out my blog page, I try to keep this updated as best as I can when Photographers share the images.

{ What brand of makeup do you use? }
I use different brands and constantly trying new products. Only the best quality products to ensure your makeup is long lasting and flawless will be in my collection. 

{ Do you provide airbrush makeup? }
Yes, the brand is Temptu.  It is silcone based, light weight, water resistant, hypoallergenic and provides flawless results.  Airbrushing is another technique of applying foundation using an airbrushing gun that is applied in a fine mist.  It is suitable for all skin types.