Yes. I use the brand Temptu. It’s silicone-based, light-weight, water resistant, and hypoallergenic. Airbrushing is a technique of applying foundation using an airbrush wand that applies your foundation in a fine mist, providing flawless results. 

Do you provide airbrush makeup?

I sure do and able to accommodate any bridal party size.

Do you have a team of artists?

I love trying different skincare and makeup products from many professional quality brands. I enjoy mixing, creating custom colors and color correcting as your skin is a blank canvas that I have so much fun painting on. As I do have brands that you may be more familiar with - MAC, Charolette Tilbury, NARS, to name a few. I love to use products that are created by well known makeup artists as it is made by an artist for artists that provides amazing results and excellent quality. For hair products, I use salon quality brands. 

What brand of makeup do you use?

Not usually, since with my application technique - your look will stay on until you’re ready to take it off! However, I’m happy to chat if you’d like. 

Do you stay for touch ups after the ceremony?

I spend 1.5 - 2 hours on the bride. For everyone else, it takes around 45 minutes for makeup and 30-45 minutes for hair.

How much time should I allocate for hair + makeup on my wedding day?

Yes, and I love doing both equally! 

Do you do both hair + makeup?

Absolutely! However, in the event that another bride (who has signed a contract and paid the retainer) is interested in the same date as you, I’ll unfortunately have to cancel your trial. 

Can I schedule a trial without reserving you for my wedding date?

A signed contract + a nonrefundable 50% retainer are required.

How can I reserve you for my wedding date?

Of course! I’d be happy to. Just call or email me to chat. I also highly suggest taking a peek on Pinterest and asking family or friends for advice. To be mindful of time and to better nail down your look, we should make sure we have idea of what you want before your trial. Ultimately, deciding on a style will come down to your personal preference, and most importantly - what you’re comfortable with!  

I’m not sure what hair and makeup style would look on me. Could you provide suggestions?

During this two-hour session at our studio (15 Channel Center Street, South Boston), we’ll chat and create your desired wedding look, step-by-step. We’ll adjust until you feel perfect and confident for your wedding day. Communication with me is key, so don’t be shy because I want to understand your vision as best as I can! I encourage you to share what you like (and don’t like), as well as any inspirational hair and makeup images. Check out Pinterest or my portfolio for inspiration. It’ll be fun! 

What should I expect in a trial?