Can you accommodate large bridal parties?

Is there a minimum amount of services to reserve my date?

Do you provide airbrush makeup? What is the difference between airbrush and traditional foundation?

What product brands do you use?

Absolutely! I have a team of experienced hair stylists and makeup artists. We can accommodate any bridal party size. 

Usually, for Massachusetts weddings, there is a five gal minimum of hair or makeup. However, elopements have become popular during the pandemic and one of my favorites. For weddings in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, there is an eight gal minimum of both hair and makeup.

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Airbrush makeup is just another technique of applying foundation using an airbrush wand to lightly spray it on. It does not mean it lasts longer or photographs better. I personally feel airbrushing is suitable for someone with normal skin than someone with textured, oily or dehydrated skin. If this is something you would like to try, we can chat more.

We carry a wide range of high quality professional brands. As we are always adding different brands and a few (as there are plenty more) you may be familiar with are: Nars, MAC, Charolette Tilbury, Christian Dior, Makeup Forever, Temptu, Makeup by Mario.

How long will my makeup last? 

The makeup will last until you are ready to take it off! The only thing that may not be as long lasting is the lipstick and you will receive a sample lip color.


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When should I schedule my bridal Preview (aka trial)? 

Bridal previews (aka trials) are scheduled 4-8 weeks prior to a wedding.  I know it's exciting but I would not recommend scheduling one too far in advance as it will result in your hair length, color or skin will be different than on the wedding day. In addition, as I do take photos and notes of your look, it would be ideal to have you fresh in my mind scheduling this closer to your wedding.

WHy is it called a bridal preview and not A bridal trial? 

It's simply a word preference and both are similar. However, you've already booked your date and confident we are a good fit that I can create your ideal wedding day hair and makeup, so there's no need for a trial to test things out.

shirley l.

It lasted throughout the entire ceremony (outdoors on a hot August day) and reception – no touch up needed. My hair also stayed 99% intact despite hours of dancing and multiple dress changes (not to mention the climbing in and out of limos and carriages too). My guests commented about how beautiful my hair & makeup came out, and a few guests and also strangers who saw my wedding photos later on even asked me who I used as my HMUA. I recommend her to anyone I know – can’t wait to be dolled up by her again! :)

"My makeup came out perfectly."